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Here are more health improving tips from Manitoba’s superific expert doctors.

Moving more
Motivating your momentum for marvelousness.
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Getting better sleep
Keys to super slumbertastic nights.
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Eating healthy
Tips for delicious nourishing nourishment.
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Reducing stress
Revitalizing acts of rejuvenating splendor.
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Catch up on screenings
Regularific routines of prevention.
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Catch up on immunizations
Keeping up-to-date on your inner awesomeness.
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Winners for the Winter Getting Healthy Challenge to be announced shortly.


people have pushed it this winter.

Stick to a sleep schedule and get a little extra zzz’s this winter.
To do three 30-minute rides a week on my stationary bike.
Get some extra exercise by doing lunges while I shovel my driveway.
Get up more often from my desk when I’m working from home.
Connect with my group of friends at least weekly, even if it’s minus 30!
Try and take time for myself in order to make healthier meals exercise and sleep more!
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