Catching up on medical screenings

Over the last couple of years, some people may have been skipping their regular check ups, which is understandable. There’s been a lot going on for all of us. In fact, 31% of Manitobans report they put off seeking care during the pandemic. 

But, as our lives slowly get back to normal, staying on top of our routine medical screenings is an important step towards staying healthy. The earlier you’re able to catch a disease, hopefully before you even begin feeling symptoms, the easier it’ll be to treat. Medical screenings can decrease your risk of becoming seriously ill or dying, and can lead to a better quality of life. 

One in five Manitobans believe they aren’t doing enough or could be doing more when it comes to keeping up to date with medical screenings and immunizations (Doctors Manitoba 2023 survey). 

Now is a good time to start catching up. Talk to your doctor if you think you are behind on medical screenings. 

Here a few things that are good to screen for:

  • People between the ages of 50 – 74 should go for breast and colorectal cancer screening every two years. And those between the ages of 21 – 69 should get screened for cervical cancer every three years. 

  • Talk to your doctor about routine monitoring for other chronic conditions and health concerns such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, enlarged prostate, or excessive alcohol use. 

  • Sexually-transmitted and blood-borne infections when indicated.

  • Also, it’s a good idea to be tested for specific diseases if you have risk factors, such as a family history of a certain cancer.

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